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The Curious Tale of Dr. Jekyll and Ms. du Paine

When Henry Met Monique
The Curious Tale of Dr. Jekyll and Ms. du Paine

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Henry sat alone in his study, back hunched and head bent over his latest formulas.

"I must find the key! There has to be an answer!"

For years Henry (and now Dr.) Jekyll had been silently mooning over his childhood acquaintance Monique du Paine. Henry had been unable to bring himself to confront her with his feelings, and he was convinced there was a way to allow him to display his emotions to her. Unfortunately, Henry had continued to be unable to overcome his disability to let the world know how he felt.

Dr. Jekyll had tried several times to find his courage at the bottom of a bottle of gin. Every attempt resulted in nothing but heartbreak as he found himself tongue-tied whenever he approached Monique. Any subject, be it personal or factual, left Henry alone and with a pounding headache the next morning.

In a moment of frustration following one such morning Henry flipped open a book remaining in his father's study. A pharmacist by trade, Henry's father had left a vast collection of chemicals and substances. With these tools, Henry was lead to thoughts of making a drug to help himself.

Henry devoted himself to focusing intently on learning the mysteries of various chemicals on the human mind and body. How they worked together, how they conflicted, these were the basis for Henry's plan. Driving himself on in his studies, Henry quickly earned himself the title of Doctor, but it was not enough.

Unfortunately for Dr. Jekyll, modern medicine did not seem to have an answer for his predicament. Henry began studying all manner of deep alchemical lore. In desperation Henry turned to the scribbled ramblings of the madmen know as alchemists in an attempt to gain insight. As had often been the case before, Henry was certain he was the verge of a breakthrough when a knock was heard at his study door. Bidding the supplicant to enter, Henry was greeted by the sight of his servant Stephen.

The man had been in the service of Jekyll's family since his birth 30-some years ago, and still served the last member of the Jekyll household as dutifully as he had before.

"Sir, Ms. du Paine and Mr. Frederick Smith are at the door and request your attention."

Jerking his head up, Henry's eyes blinked away the spots. Clearing the strain on his vision, he bid Stephen to allow the to show the two visitors in. With a short answer, he replied "Yes Stephen, thank you...though if you could somehow lose Frederick along the way, I'm sure the atmosphere would be all the better".

Gathering up his notes, Henry looked about his study. Books lay strewn about haphazardly, meals scarcely touched from long nights poring over theories. In his mind the accumulation of debris only further demonstrated Henry's devotion to his cause. Stephen open the door and announced the visitors. Looking up, Henry was reminded why he so firmly believed in that cause as Monique entered the room followed closely by Frederick.

Monique du Paine was the child of French immigrants who had crossed the channel in hopes of starting a new life. Her father Phillip was a tailor, and as it turned out a very good one with a mind for what was going to be in fashion in the future. Upon arriving in England the couple had quickly began to reap rewards from the more affluent members of upper society. The family du Paine located themselves in a well-to-do neighborhood, next to the Jekylls and young Henry. Both were the only children of the family, and so were introduced to allow the adults free time. The two children began to develop a friendship, though Monique was not as impressed with Henry as vice versa.

When she began came of age Monique was shipped off to a finishing school, leaving young Henry to his lonesome. As the years progressed, Monique blossomed from a slender young girl to a strikingly beautiful young woman. The dresses her father fashioned for her were fantastic garments that emphasized the potential of the figure hidden beneath. The years at the finishing school had taught her many things both practical and social, but Monique had a secret.

She had never informed her parents or anyone else about the constant stream of impure thoughts coursing through her head. As Monique went about her days, she couldn't help but feel an empty-ness in her life. It was a burning hole inside herself that she wanted...NEEDED to fill with intimate contact. Monique repressed her urges despite the vague pain she felt inside each time. Struggling valiantly to maintain her composure Monique knew her needs would be fulfilled by her husband when she was wed.

As she entered the Jekyll study, Monique's form was radiant as ever in the eyes of Henry. Her dainty feet poked from beneath the sweeping petticoat of her dress. The soft pointed leather lead the eye to follow the faint outline of her calves. Continuing upward the eyes were treated to the smooth curves of her shapely thighs filling the dress.

There was little need for a corset on Monique's body. While her waist tapered to a narrow point her rear was a pleasing shape that drew the eyes of men on the street as she passed by. Monique's breasts were a small firm pair of teardrops perched atop her frame, and her pursed lips drew attention to the contours of her face. The soft brown eyes were often all that Henry could think of as he worked into the early hours of the morning. The eyes seemed to be saying to Henry "Grab me! Kiss me! Make me yours and I shall make you mine!" Unfortunately for Henry, those eyes seemed destined for another man.

Frederick Smith was the son of one of Phillip's best clients, and was an investor in Dr. Jekyll's pharmacology. The two young socialites had met as the du Paine family was invited to a holiday celebration of the patron. The tall young man walked with the gait of one who knows he has a purpose in the world, and that purpose is something he enjoys. Frederick oversaw several of his father's businesses and was known throughout parts of London for his direct and effective dealings.

The couple had been strolling the nearby streets the evening of the party when a group of ruffians had approach the two. Surrounding the pair the thugs had demanded Frederick's money and to leave Monique for "a bit of fun with the boys". Frederick's routine practice in the boxing ring quickly dispatched the lot of the thugs in short order. As he escorted Monique back to the party, Monique knew she had found the man for her. The two had shortly thereafter begun a courtship and had been courting for the past several years. Now the man who held the eye of the woman Henry had been trying to gain the attention of since he had met he was in his study, holding her hand as the two smiled at one another.

Henry stood and kissed Monique's hand, asking "And what brings the sight of you two into my study this morning?". As he turned his attention and began to take Frederick's hand for a shake, Monique burst out in an elated voice "Oh Henry, Frederick has just asked me to marry him! We're going to be wed!"

Henry felt Frederick's already firm grip tighten on his hand. Looking into the eyes of the professional businessman, Henry was unnerved as he saw a warning in the cold black depths of his irises. "Yes Henry, we thought that you should be one of the first to know that Monique and I will be WED. We know you and Monique have been FRIENDS for so long, it's almost like you're BROTHER and SISTER. Isn't that right Monique?" With emphasis on each stinging word, Frederick made it clear that he knew Henry's feelings towards Monique and that Frederick was not about to let those feelings go any further.

Henry smiled weakly at the two. Dropping his gaze to the floor, to the top of his desk, anywhere but at the two Henry found himself as always seemingly flustered. "Oh, that's...well, I'm sure you have very important places, people to go. Sorry to rush, but I'm just in the middle of something right now,"

Henry continued apologizing for the briefness of time. Repeating his explanation he was directly in the middle of a deep layer of research. Henry promised he would be sure to drop by in the near future to visit in depth with the new fiancees, but that he was very busy now. As the two were leaving, Frederick shook hands with Henry again, stating "Oh, and don't forget Henry. My father's expenses are coming due, I hope we can come to an arrangement that is agreeable to everyone regarding what remains from your outstanding research costs."

After the couple left, Henry dropped at his chair. Sitting at his desk, dumb-founded, he knew his time had run out. There was nothing he could do. The only thing that he could hope for would be a miracle. Lowering his head into his hands, Jekyll closed his eyes. When he opened them, he saw the answer to all his problems right in front of his nose.


The flaw in his equation was so simple, Dr. Jekyll was amazed he hasn't seen it sooner! Feverishly, Henry ran and re-ran his facts through the formulas. Every time, the results came out as he expected and desired. Moving into his lab in the attic, Dr. Jekyll began to concoct the solution to his problems.

While Henry Jekyll was a thin, scrawny shell of a man, in his mind he knew he could be more. There was a part of his fragile self that had to be able to assert itself and attain his beloved prize. Henry could just picture himself standing up, proudly striding down the street towards a life with Monique. Frederick would be pushed aside, forgotten like yesterday's news. Monique would sweep into her arms, declaring herself as being meant for him. Henry certain he could accomplish his goals if he could just expose that part of his subconscious that was kept in check by his intellectual mind.

Part of the problem lie in that Jekyll knew his body may not be able to handle the strain of the new mental tasks. Jekyll's formula was the solution to allow the subconscious mind to change the form, to grant the normally dormant parts of his brain control over the growth and shape of the physical shape. This would not normally be possible while the individual was cognizant. However, if the subconscious mind were to be given control and make limited modifications to the body it resided in the problem would be solved! Jekyll's work had produced a substance which would allow the body to realize the subconscious needs within!

Mixing various chemicals, Jekyll knew he had an answer. Dr. Jekyll was certain he could not rely on animal testing due to the mental capacity of the human minds when compared to the lesser brains of everyday animals. Confident in his work, Jekyll planned to be the first subject for to free his mind and so began to create the tincture.

Beakers bubbled, fluids dripped, and fires flared into the night. After hours of preparation, a single row of vials stood in a container. Each seemed to glow with residual heat from the burning passion of Jekyll's hidden desires.

Picking the first of the vials out of the row, Jekyll took a deep breath. Looking back at his notes, everything was prepared in the event of an accident or mistake. Directions for the event of his death, notes on his experiments, and an explanation for Monique if anything truly unexpected happened, but Dr. Jekyll was positive his figures were spot on. Jekyll raised the vial to his lips, took a deep breath, and imbibed the tonic.

Pausing for a second, Henry Jekyll felt nothing. Putting the vial down, he began to walk over to the table to write his thoughts for posterity. As he walked, a burning sensation developed in Jekyll's gut, shooting up his spine and into his brain. Wrapping his arms around himself, Jekyll's body doubled over, a single cry escaping his lips before he slumped to the ground and darkness overtook him.


As Jekyll's body lay on the floor of the laboratory, his subconscious began to take hold. Throughout his life Henry Jekyll's conscious mind had suppressed all assertive nature; every thought of violence, sexual deviance, lust and physical dominance Henry Jekyll had experienced began to assert changes on the unconscious body.

Jekyll's frame and body began to expand, each becoming more primitive and bestial. The face grew more masculine as the nose broadened and the jaw jutted out. Dr. Jekyll's brow grew more pronounced as the bones of his skull thickened.

The musculature beneath the skin continued to expand over Jekyll's body, bulging and throbbing to fulfill the desires of the subconscious. The laces of Henry's shoes grew strained, the knots holding fast until the laces tore the eyelets loose. A creaking, grating sound of tearing leather was heard as Jekyll's feet and ankles ripped free of the confining space. Jekyll's feet grew thick-soled, the nails growing long and ending in rough jagged edges.

The vest Jekyll had been wearing quickly began to show signs of strain as the broad chest filled the clothing. Attempting in vain to hold the growing body rippling inside it, the buttons on the vest gave way to the stress underneath. One by one each popped into the air as the flesh below them gained in girth, scattering about the room. Jekyll's previously loose shirt continued to fill out, various groaning sounds emanating. Jekyll's unconscious head and his body below each moaned in agony and ecstasy as layers of muscle and skin thickened.

Dr. Jekyll's normally delicate hands formed into paw-like grips, the fingers and pads of the palm widening. The soft skin long used to only write formulae and perform everyday household tasks grew more calloused, the rough texture scraping the floor. Mirroring the transformation of his hands the doctor's mind began to invert itself from a soft, weak-willed mind into that of a rough, hardened beast.

Regards of caution and rational thought were replaced with those of violence and reckless action. Now there were thoughts of obtaining results rather than planning for them. Jekyll's normally reserved nature gave way to a sexual beast. As Jekyll's repressed sexual desires continued to take hold, Jekyll's penis lengthened and thickened. Growing from a short, flaccid two inches the organ expanded and grew erect to a whopping 14 inches as big around as a salami. The tool burst through his trousers, engorged, straining to penetrate. Veins ran up and down the length, blood pumping through the member. As the veins visible throbbed with a blue hue, the balls beneath swelled and churned testosterone through dormant body.

Coarse hair spread from the center of Jekyll's body, covering his arms and legs as it curled up his torso. The transformed body began to exude a musk that had never been contained within the walls of the home before. A strong deep odor that reeked of primordial masculinity, Jekyll's body was claiming more territory with its mere presence than Henry had over his lifetime.

As the involuntary spasms subsided Jekyll's eyes snapped open and a low gravely voice that was far from the norm of Dr. Henry Jekyll emerged.

"Well now, it's about time!"


Frederick sped down the alleyway, looking over his shoulder for any sign of his pursuer. He had been walking home from the home of his recently announced fiancee when a fiend had nearly blind sided him as he passed an alleyway. Scarcely able to catch a view of the rogue, he was amazed at the size of him. Knowing he would be overpowered by the giant he quickly sped away from the attacker, sure he could lose him in the fog.

Turning several street corners, looking for any sign of help in the now-abandoned and silent street of shops, Frederick stopped to catch his breath. Knowing he had finally lost his pursuer, Frederick breathed a sigh of relief. From somewhere in the fog, Frederick heard a voice seemingly straight from hell cry out.

"Come on Freddy boy, you've got to be able to run faster than that! You stink so badly of fear a dog with no nose could catch you if you can't keep running!"

A crushing pain shot through Frederick's right side, knocking the breath from his body as several of his ribs as well as his upper arm gave way with a sharp crack. Landing against the side of a nearby building, the man could not believe the creature standing up in front of him. It looked like a gorilla had tried to put on a man's suit with only a modicum of success. A large cane was held in the right hand as he rose from a crouch behind a pile of refuse. The can had its top half dangling by splinters from the force of the blow delivered, the tip swaying slowly in the air.

Shaking his head, the creature grumbled in a low voice as he approached. "Frederick, Frederick, Frederick. You went and broke my cane. Now how am I supposed to appear at my best for Monique when it's in a condition like this? Look at it, dangling limp as it is."

Gasping, unable to draw breath into his body, Frederick's eyes widened further in fear at hearing the name of his betrothed. This was no random happenstance. But who would have sent this brute so quickly? He and Monique had just informed various colleagues and friends of the news earlier that day.

Pushing himself upright against the wall Frederick began to edge away from this madman. Trying desperately to get his wind back, Frederick readied himself for a cry of bloody murder.

Seeing the frightened man draw a lungful of air and open his mouth the man closed on Frederick. Lashing out swiftly with a fist the size of a boxing glove, he connected squarely with Frederick's jaw, shattering the bone.

"Oh no Freddy, there'll be none of that now. Sorry for the abruptness Freddy, but I simply can't let my poor limp cane go un avenged now can I? Tell you what...I can see you're awfully sorry about the cane, and sometimes my temper gets the better of me. I don't want to leave Monique without her beau, so how about we shake on this and we'll be all fair and square? You want to get home to Monique and make sure she's doing alright, don't you?"

Sobbing quietly, the proud man cradled his head in his left shoulder, trying desperately to hold onto consciousness while clearing his head. Hoping this, this BEAST would make a mistake, Frederick reached out a trembling left hand.

"That's a good boy Frederick, always seal the deal just like Daddy taught you. I'm sure you'll agree that the night air is awfully chilly this time of year, and my hands just aren't able to open very well. What should I...oh, I know! Here, just to demonstrate that not EVERYTHING is limp," the giant released the button on his trousers, dropping them to the alley floor. Grinning, the brute chuckled and continued on as the 14 inch rod stood out from his torso.

"Why don't you grab my other cane. It's hardly ever likely to be limp."

Frederick's eyes went wide with fear. Now more than ever this man was clearly insane. As the creature strode forward, he reached out one massive arm, settling its weight around Frederick's shoulders. The man thrust his midsection Frederick's way, the head of his penis nearly at chin level.

Squeezing his arm around Frederick's shoulders with each punctuation, the man urged Frederick on, saying "Come on Freddy, shake up with that FIRM handshake of yours and we'll be all NICE and EVEN. We can be real FRIENDS, like BROTHERS even."

Looking up into the face of his assailant, Frederick saw what had been puzzling him about the brute. While the face was distinctly different, he still saw traces of the man he had met with this very morning. Trying to withstand the burning in his head as his lower skull screamed at him, Frederick reached out with his hand, wrapping his hand 3/4 of the way around the member in front of him.

"That's a good boy Frederick, make sure to give it a good up and down shake."

Frederick began to follow as instructed. Sensing the brute relaxing, he tightened his grip as much as he could. Knowing this was his only hope of escape from the madman that Henry Jekyll had become, Frederick strained. His grip grew tighter, and Frederick was sure this man must be near passing out from pain. Every man he had ever met said he had a grip like that of a vice. Trying to force the creature to submit, shaking with the effort of his death-grip, Frederick turned his head upward and saw a humorless grin being directed at him.

"Sorry Freddy, you'll have to do better than that to put a crimp in THAT cane. But, you did as we agreed on." The giant patted him harshly on the back. "Well, we're all squared away and even now Frederick. I suppose I should be letting you go home to your lovely wife-to-be."

Quick as anything, the man lifted Frederick by the neck, smashing his head against the brick way in rapid succession, the sickening crunch of bone hitting pavement dimly echoing down the alley. Dropping the body to the pavement, the voice of the owner was heard only by the corpse as the man merged into the gloom of the night "But I'm not one to keep things square when I can be ahead."


Monique sat in front of her mirror, giving her hair its normal 100 strokes before going to bed. Humming to herself, Monique nearly missed the shadow of her bedroom door opening. Turning around, Monique gave a shout of alarm as the towering man entered the room. The crude man leered at her as she drew her nightgown about her. Monique began edging towards the window, getting as far from this brute as possible. "Who are you? Someone, anyone! Help!"

"Hello Monique. Sorry to barge in unexpected, but you did say that dear Henry should drop by to visit."

Startled at this creature's speech Monique quickly grew angry, surprised at herself. "What have you done with Henry? If you've hurt him I'll have you know my fiancee is incredibly influential in this city! You'll be lucky to get off with a quick merciful death by a hanger if you harm me or Henry!"

Grimly smiling, the apparent oaf continued on, saying "Oh, it's not so much what I've done with Henry as what he's made of himself. See Monique, you might say I'm Henry's message of devotion to you. Not that it's apparently important with your recent betrothal to Freddy, but it's the thought that counts. So I'll cut to the chase. Henry, which is to say what I...well, I suppose I should have a bit of a different name than him since I'm not really can call me Hyde. Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde really think you're somebody we'd like to shag as we really fancy that sweet little package you're hiding inside that robe. Since I can say with good authority that Frederick won't be interrupting anytime soon, we'd love to bed you and wed you (in that order preferably). So what do you say Monique? Cards are on the table."

Aghast as the words presented, Monique grew red in the face though she was not entirely clear whether it was from anger or embarrassment at the suggestion for bedding. Monique was torn. This primal specimen of manhood in front of her was certainly brutal in his tact. As Monique became aware she was alone with a virulent man in her bedroom, the same urges she experienced whenever presented with thought of carnal pleasure began to play through her mind. Monique pushed these thoughts aside, certain there were more important matters at hand. "How dare you accuse Henry of such thoughts PRIMATE!"

The man standing in front of her laughed, nostrils flaring as he took in deep breaths. "Well now, I wasn't sure how this would go over...but this certainly wasn't something I'd thought of. I figured I'd just have to resort to a bit of manhandling but judging by the smell of your pussy, I think there's a better way to get what we both want." Rushing forward, Hyde popped the cork from a vial as pinched Monique's nose shut.

Struggling for release and breath, Monique tried in vain to break free. Finally gasping for air, Hyde's finger was quickly put into her mouth and subsequently bitten much to the enjoyment of the villain. The vial of tonic was coaxed down her throat, the liquid seemingly having no taste or texture. Coughing, Monique struggled for breath, her body quickly wracked with feelings she had never thought she would experience. Unable to maintain consciousness, Monique collapsed into Hyde's arms. Grinning, Hyde lowered her to the floor, licking his lips.


Monique groaned, her unconscious mind swarming with visions of debauchery. While Monique du Paine was a quiet, intelligent young woman, her subconscious desires were bursting with the near-nymphomania that she had suppressed all her life. With every bath, every touch of her body, she had resisted the temptation to explore herself. Desperately trying to avoid returning the lewd stares of the porters as they eyed her on she spent days shopping, she tried to keep herself from fantasizing about taking one, two, or even more of the burly workers into an alleyway and releasing her desires. She envisioned their warm fluids covering her body as she basked in her own pleasure, soaking in a bath of the hot spunk she had brought forth.

Jekyll watched as Monique's lips pursed, the flesh thickening into a plump orifice begging for a cock. The hands of the young woman roamed over her flesh, gliding over her curves as sweat beaded on the exposed skin. Monique's quiet groans turned to moans. Memories of the affairs at the boarding school after the lights had been turned out surfaced. Monique pulse would race as several of the girls moved to share mattresses with others, experimenting on each other as their bodies ripened. The Sapphic sighs, the lurid panting and whispered promises of pleasure only drove her to further heights as her corporeal body was shaped to match the needs of her subconscious desires.

The nightgown was quickly growing damp, as was the patch between Monique's thighs. Monique's ministrations quickly became more vigorous, her hands cupping and then kneading her breasts. Palming the round sacks, her groping fingers spread farther apart as they felt the flesh began to spread beneath the thin material of the gown. Her normally soft, covert nipples now standing erect and sharply pronounced, Monique's desires to join the other girls in her dormitory became incessant. The longing to feel the men worshipping her breasts with their mouths grew to reality as her tongue lolled out of her mouth, extending several inches beyond her chin. Flicking the exposed muscle into the air, Monique's subconscious mind imagined denied pleasures. She was desperate to know what it would be like to wrap her tongue around a hard, throbbing penis, to plunge it into the wet and waiting folds of another woman.

Hyde's pants were now dropped around his ankles, both his massive hands stroking his girth as he watched the birth of his creation. The hair of the beauty grew longer, gaining in thickness as it exploded and spread around her like a halo, covering the floor. The hands with their dainty fingers twisted the prominent nipples, sliding down the neckline of her gown, stretching the fabric to expose the strawberry-colored buds. The rising flesh of the exposed breasts quickly overflowed the confines of her evening clothing. Pressed together by the boundary of the gown's neckline to create a cavernous cleavage, Monique's beasts wobbled and grew more massive with each moment.

As Monique's upper torso continued to be shaped by her unconscious, her lower regions were forming into a series of curves and valleys that Hyde could smell the desire emanating from. As the breasts reached the size of breadbaskets, Monique's hands frantically began to tear at the gown. Deliriously ripping the fabric open in opposite directions, she imagined the faceless men and women pawing at her, eager to pleasure her. Her strong hands and nails shredding the material, Monique's cunt was freed from the humid confines of the dress. When her hands plunged into her sopping pussy, Monique's legs spread themselves wide as she envisioned all manner of body parts penetrating her.

Hyde watched as Monique's thighs grew longer, the firm muscles twitching inside them. Stroking himself, Hyde's labored breathing grew into wild panting until his passion was finally released in a roaring bellow. Rope after rope of his cum was launched over the body of the transforming woman in front of him. His desires unsatisfied, Hyde's nose demanded a closer inspection of the source of the pungent aroma coming from between Monique's thighs. Kneeling down, Hyde lifted the firm ass off the ground, extending the tip of his tongue to the entrance of the woman in front of him.

The sweet, briny taste of her juices were all the encouragement he needed as he shoved his head forward, his tongue writhing inside the woman as her changes grew closer to their completion. Monique's imagined sexual experiences were perforated by the thoughts of thousands of men clamoring to enter her, each thrusting at the same time. The taste of copper landed on Hyde's tongue as Monique's maidenhood was taken. As one they penetrated her, the momentary pain quickly forgotten as she was driven to unexplored heights of ecstasy.

The hoarse panting from both beings was filling the room. One a primitive man, brutal and direct in his actions and desire to explore the carnal pleasures in front of him. The other a woman seemingly crafted from the collected fantasies of fertility goddesses and ancient books of erotica, aching with the repressed sexual longing of a lifetime. Together, the two formed a beast born of the concentrated repressed desires of different walks of life, each striving to achieve what they had been deprived of for so long.

The culmination of the two's efforts reach a crescendo as the being who had once been Monique du Paine's thighs wrapped around the head nestled between her legs, squeezing the head tightly. Hyde could scarcely hear her shrieks, but the cascade of liquid told him all he needed to know. Her hair swaying over the floor, Monique's body writhed in the grasp of Hyde. She continued to maul her tits, twisting the nipples, circling them with her tongue and reveling in the warm wet sensations it provided.

Her eyes snapped open as she reached a rapid series of orgasms, her low sultry voice rising in a squeal as she exclaimed her birth to the world.

"Ohhhh yess!!! I AMMMM CUMMIINNGGG!!!!"

Finally, Harley was free.


Hyde wiped his mouth and knelt over the newly transformed woman, positioning his arms to either side of her prone body. "Hello my dear. Did you enjoy that?"

Looking up at the crude face, Harley could see the primal desire still burning in his eyes. "Oh my, it certainly was good." Licking her lips, the woman sighed. "It was good, but I do so wish there was someone to fill my cunt with a cock. I haven't had a real FUCKING in what feels like forever. I don't suppose you know of anyone," her hands reached out to grab his already lengthening prick, "with a good, HARD cock they can put in my TIGHT little pussy do you?"

In answer, Hyde picked her off the ground, turning her over and placing her on all fours. Hyde ran his cock over her bare slit, the tip still slick from his latest ejaculation. Feeling the teasing organ Harley looked over her shoulder, her gaze smoldering. She reached one hand between her legs, opening the lips of her pussy wide for Hyde. On seeing the wet pink flesh exposed, Hyde positioned his penis at the opening and eased himself in, savoring the feel of his conquest. Grabbing hold of Harley's hips, Hyde began to slide her back and forth along his length, his engorged member throbbing with excitement.

Harley's body began a rocking motion to and fro on her knees, one hand kneading a breast as the other supported her body. Hyde's wide palm pulled away from her hips, smacking her ass, the sharp sound echoing through the room. Growling, Hyde rubbed the glowing red imprint he left before spanking Harley again, this time hard enough to make Harley squeal. "Scream for me! Let's wake up the whole damn neighborhood, let then know what kind of slut lives here now!"

Shouting encouragement, Harley pushed herself back against Hyde as the two began to develop their rhythm. "Oh you great big brute you! I've been waiting for a cock like yours my entire life to give me the fucking I've been looking for!" Harley tossed her hair over one shoulder, looking back at Hyde's body as he continued ramming her pussy. Harley's upper body fell forward as the force of Hyde's lunges drove the breath from her body. The side of her face pressed against the floor, Harley's hoarse screams encouraged the pair. Hyde's free hand grabbed her long hair, pulling her head back as he continued to push himself in and out, directing her back to her canine position. Using her hair as a reins to direct her movements against him, Hyde rode Harley's cunt with a fervor that shook the floor beneath them.

Harley tilted her head back, her throat tightening as she felt Hyde take control of the fucking, her ability to reason being drained away as her juices covered Hyde's cock. As Harley's mind fogged over, her shouts turned to moans, which as Hyde increased his pace turned to howls. Hyde's primal instincts more prominent and stronger than ever, the baying coming from the slobbering bitch in front of him drove him closer to the brink of orgasm.

Hyde felt his balls tighten as he slammed into Harley, the tingling burn pushing slowly up through the base of his cock, causing him to twitch inside her. Harley could feel Hyde's impending release as she began to cum, her breasts swaying beneath her. Panting, she pushed herself back against the monster pounding into her, trying to trap him inside her for as long as possible. Hyde grabbed hold of Harley's waist with both hands, pushing her away and pulling her into him with powerful strokes until he felt the rush of his orgasm come boiling up the length his penis, coating the inside of Harley's cunt as he held her against himself. Hyde could smell the sickeningly sweet smell of their combined juices permeate the room, driving him to continue his wild bucking against the creature at the end of his cock.

As Hyde came inside her, Harley gyrated against him, drawing out her own orgasm as long as possible. Pressing her ass against him, Harley leaned back against Hyde, reaching over her head to grasp Hyde's neck. Turning her head to the side, Hyde grabbed her face, pulling her into a savage kiss. Returning the gesture, Harley moved against him, directing his hand, sliding it down her body to her sensitive breasts. Grasping her with his powerful hands Hyde pinched her nipples, twisting the nubs as she slid herself up and down his body.

When Hyde began to come down from his orgasm, Harley pulled herself off of his pole, both hands pressed against his thick body. She moved her hands down the broad expanse of his chest, running her fingers through the dense curly hair covering his torso. Pushing him backwards as she continued moving down his body, Hyde found himself on his back on the floor of the room with Harley's mouth descending on his penis. Harley's hot breath covered the cooling fluids smeared over his crotch, the dual sensations making him shiver in anticipation.

Harley moved her mouth down Hyde's length, trailing her tongue along the underside of his cock as she moved back up to the tip. Her hand slid down his body cupping his balls as she did so. Fondling the apple-sized orbs, Harley kissed the head of Hyde's cock, running the tip of her tongue along the slit and circling the glans. Positioning her mouth over the head, Harley took him into her mouth.

The warmth covering his cock descended his shaft, stopping several inches down and rising again. Hyde felt himself growing hard quickly as Harley's head began slowly bobbing up and down, her unnatural tongue wrapping around the length as she sucked him to hardness again. Harley tasted their combined fluids as she continued to spiral up and down his length, licking all sides of the shaft at once. Imagining a barber pole as she moved up and down she twisted her head and circled his cock with her hand, assaulting his nerves from multiple directions. Turning, spiraling, an endless loop of sexual frustration just begging to be released, Harley sucked Hyde's prick until he was ready for her again.

Unable to contain herself any more, Harley licked Hyde's cock as she pulled away. Pulling her head off Hyde's prick with a POP, Harley slid her sopping crotch up Hyde's legs, positioning herself over his pole. Spreading her lips, Harley lowered began herself onto the head of his penis, feeling the bulge stretch her snatch out beyond the fucking she had just received. Breathing in, she continued to lower herself onto him, her slick vagina making the experience of fitting his girth in from a different direction easier. Hyde felt so much bigger this way, yet at the same time Harley felt like she was in control of fucking him rather than the other way around.

Swearing she could feel him pressing into her stomach, Harley she reached the bottom. Stopping to give herself a chance to adjust, Harley flexed the walls of her cunt, tightening them around Hyde's cock. Hyde felt as if someone had dropped him into a bowl of warm jelly, the substance surrounding his cock pulsing with heat as it spread through his body. Reaching up, Hyde lifted Harley off of his cock, raising her until he was almost out of her embrace, and then forced her down again.

Harley felt the cock rocket up through her, and she screamed as it did so. Her legs spasmed as she tried to find purchase to slow her descent, but the thrust seemed to go on forever. After she reached bottom her legs were no longer trying to stop the descent, they were pushing her up off Hyde's crotch. Relaxing near the top and then pushing herself down, Harley combined her efforts with Hyde's use of her body to complete their circuit of pleasure.

Harley's motions on top of Hyde became a blur. Her bouncing pair of tits jerking on her chest as she reached up to knead them, the massive globes dripping with her sweat. Harley's voice turned to squeaks as she felt an orgasm spread throughout her body and another followed closely on its heels. Each time Hyde's cock reached bottom inside her, Harley could feel another orgasm triggering her nerves into firing over and over. Hyde's cock brushed against her engorged clitoris with every movement, drawing out her orgasms as they ripped through her. Harley's mind was awash in colors as she came time and time again with Hyde's continuing strokes.

Hyde grunted as he continued to pound the curvaceous fucktoy squealing in top of him, her high pitched breathy voice making him tremble with need. Hyde's breathing quickened as he felt his balls churning. He was going to cum, and he let the world know. Roaring, Hyde lifted Harley into the air as he spurted jets of hot white spunk over her lower body, the blasting ropes of cum covering his body as well as hers as he shot load after load from his rod. Taking deep breaths, Hyde lowered Harley to his chest, his thumbs flicking her swollen nipples as she rested herself against him.


The pair of deviants sat across from one another in the home of the last member of the du Paine family, enjoying a leisurely dinner, refueling from their recent exertion.

Harley looked across the table at her companion, eyes sliding over the figure bent over the tea set.

"I think it's time we talked about a partnership Hyde."

Lifting the tea cup, Hyde took a long draw before answering with a look over Harley's body. "I don't think that a partnership was what was in mind when we brought you out. We actually didn't plan on you staying around much beyond the initial fucking. From what Jekyll knows, the formula should only remain in effect for a fairly short period of time, basically long enough for the subconscious desires to be fulfilled."

"Mmmm...well, I think I can explain the deviance from little Henry's plan. While THAT," Harley motioned in the direction of her bedroom, "was a great fuck I'm still not completely...satisfied." Trailing her foot up Hyde's inner leg, Monique moved her toes over Hyde's large penis. "We should see just how much it takes to really free our world".

Without looking down, Hyde grinned and moved his hand into his lap, the rough calloused skin moving up the smooth tender flesh of Harley's bare leg. "I like the way you think lady." Kneading the firm, smooth skin Hyde continued on. "I'm just not content to ride this out for some mind-blowing sex though. I'm in this for the long haul. There's no telling what's going to happen once Jekyll gains control again; he's got the head for figuring out all the symbols and whatnot but I'm not about to come out only when he feels brave enough to let me out." Hyde lifted the small table with his free hand, tossing it and its contents to the side. Grabbing and pulling the leg of the seductive woman in front of him, Hyde lifted the woman aloft. Spreading her legs, Harley landed in Hyde's lap, straddling the man's growing erection.

Rubbing her crotch against him, Harley licked her lips. "Oh, I do like how you think Mr. Hyde. As a matter of fact I like it so much I think you deserve a reward."

Holding her head in his hands, Hyde grinned "Oh no dear," his smile fading into a grave scowl, "this is on my terms. I'm in charge here, and I'm not taking what you feel is a 'reward' just because you feel randy and want to appear generous. If I want your sopping cunt, I'll take it. Right here, right now. Hard, fast, and you'll scream your little bloody head off and love it."

The two perverted creatures that had once been Dr. Henry Jekyll and Monique du Paine now stared at one another, breathing heavily. Harley broke the silence first, whispering "Oh you're very right Mr. Hyde. I will scream my head off, because you're the closest thing Monique or I have come across who really is willing and able to take charge. But I think I've got a plan that will benefit us both." Breathing softly into Hyde's ear, Harley's tongue snaked around the thin, sensitive skin. Hyde's heart began to beat a faster rhythm, both due to the ministrations of Harley's tongue along his head as well as the plot being laid out.

If their original selves, or whatever the pair would be called, wouldn't let them out, perhaps another like-minded individual, another freed mind, WOULD. All that it would take would be another body, someone who could be easily corrupted. Someone who they could count on to match their needs for continued freedom...

As Harley neared completion of the details of her plan, Hyde stood, his excitement not willing to be contained any longer. Lifting the woman into the air he drove her down onto his erect cock. The two continued their raucous coupling for several hours, then began to gather the required assets for their continued dominance of the bodies and existence.


Molly pushed her barrow down the street, the early hours of the morning made all the colder by the lingering darkness. Molly whistled a tune as she pushed the cart through the early morning. Her young body, a welcome sight to many of the fisherman and sailors she worked with each day, was hardly feeling the effect of the pox today. The lagging fever raging through her body was already putting a bead of sweat on her brow, but Molly had no family and knew she would get no pity from the other fishmongers for her plight. Molly had never been one to lie down on the job. Despite her desperate wishes each night she continued her daily procedure of filling her barrel with shellfish and plying them to the citizens of the city.

As Molly continued her way down the street, Molly's first sale of the day approached her. The woman's swaying walk and audacious curves made Molly think she was a harlot, but no harlot ever wore such fine clothing. Moly wondered what such a fine lady was doing out buy her supper so early and dressed so provocatively. Still, Molly knew a good chance for a sale when she saw it. The woman approached Molly, quietly asking for a clam to sample. Countering with a statement that nothing was free in life, Molly named her price of one bit, and the woman's warm hand touched hers. Holding her while she placed a pound in her palm, Molly was told to keep the change.

Molly's mouth was agape, she could stop her work before the day even started and get some rest! Today was finally shaping up to be a keeper. After the past several months of lingering pain and racking coughs, she was glad to finally have a day of rest. Looking up at the woman to say thanks, Molly was surprised as the woman stepped closer and put something into her mouth. Coughing in surprise, Molly swallowed most of the tasteless fluid before she knew what was happening.

Watching as the pretty young woman swooned and crumpled to the pavement, Harley waved Hyde forward from the shadows. Harley grabbed the fishmonger about the chest (none-to-subtly filling both her hands with the firm young mounds of the unconscious maiden as she did so) and pulled her out of the street, her tongue lolling lewdly out of her mouth as she circled her mouth in hungry anticipation of the woman's changes.


The pair watched the as the young woman's body began moving, her shape slowly writhing about on the stones of the street. Molly's breathing grew deeper, her chest rising and falling in a regular rhythm. As Molly's breathing deepened, her chest began to throb, rising in a rhythm outside her breathing. As Molly would breathe out, her chest would throb upward, the breasts filling out the bodice. The effect of the touch of the fabric as it was drawn across the sensitive nubs obvious to anyone watching as her nipples poked out against the cloth, the nubs prominent and looking sharp enough to cut glass.

In a matter of moments, the woman's form had filled the modest dress she wore. Hyde reached down, gripping the taut fabric between his mitts and ripping the confining top of the garment in two. Had Molly been awake she would have seen her breasts ballooning into two giant, firm orbs of tit flesh. Her nipples standing out, turgid in the night air, the buds swelling from a soft pink to a deep, throbbing purple. As they became engorged with the lust she had experienced in her evenings after a night carousing in one of the seedier taverns, Molly's nipples began to leak a small amount of milk for the children she never had.

Hyde watched in rapture as he pictured the common woman's legs spread wide, her dripping twat releasing the pungent smell of her own arousal. Unable to contain herself any further, Harley pushed the woman's skirt above her waist exposing the aroused cunt. Kneeling in front of Molly's spread thighs, Harley drew her hand up Molly's cunt, her fingers playing over the suddenly bald lips. Thrusting her middle finger into the horny woman's pussy, Harley could feel the warm wetness inside. Harley pulled out her finger, tasting the juice of the woman as she brought her face down to drink directly from the source.

Running her hands up Molly's body, Harley's hands covered the enlarged breasts as Molly moaned. Tasting the sweet breast milk from her fingers, Harley grew crazed as she tasted all of the budding woman's juices.

Hyde watched as the seductress slowly ran her tongue up the length of Molly's lips, stopping at the top to catch her clit between her teeth. Harley closed her lips around the clitoris, sucking on the bud, running the texture of her tongue over the tip inside her mouth. Molly cried out in her subconscious state "Oh God yes, right there! Rub my button! Rub my button! I'm a naughty, naughty girl!"

Hyde's hands stroked his penis, watching Harley eat the newest member of his subjects. Harley's face pressed against Molly's crotch, digging with her tongue in the wet pink folds. Harley could almost feel the muscles of her lover's cunt squeezing her tongue as she lapped at her insides, the throbbing pulse she felt obvious as Molly's face flushed a deep shade of pink. As Harley tongued her slit, Molly's ass slapped against the pavement, begging Harley's hands to grip the jiggling flesh. When Harley gripped Molly's ass she could feel the skin growing tight as the flesh beneath it firmed, the smooth supple skin cool from contact with the street.

Harley continued her oral assault, the nectar flowing from her conquest the sweetest thing she ever remembered tasting. Molly continued to cry out, and her voice began to echo throughout the early morning. "Lover, don't stop! I'm so horny I can hardly contain me self! My cunny, it's...It's...IT'SSSSS OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH! Lick my cunt! I'm comingI'mcomingI'mcoming!!" Harley's nose rubbed against Molly's clit as she came, the thick liquid coming from her cunt running down her chin as her monstrous tongue flailed about. Drawing out Molly's orgasm, triggering additional quakes throughout the woman's climaxing body, Hyde bent down to suckle on Molly's teat, drinking a mouthful of the warm mothers milk.

Pulling away, her face sticky with the woman's juices, Harley looked into the lidded half-dazed eyes of the newly transformed woman. Moving her eyes, she caught sight of Hyde stroking his enormous prick as he knelt down besides Harley, moving her out of the way as he pressed the tip of the head against her engorged lower lips. Showing his large teeth in a vicious smile, Hyde looked Molly in the eye as he thrust himself into her with a grunt.

Molly's head fell back against the pavement, her mouth open in a silent cry of pleasure, gasping for air as she felt his tool filling her. Hyde could feel her warmth pulsing up his cock, gripping him tightly as he pressed into her. Hyde pulled partway out of her, grasping her spread legs and pulled her towards him as he pushed himself deeper into her, spearing her. Molly could feel his dick moving in her, pushing against her organs. As Molly opened her mouth, screaming in ecstasy, she saw Harley squatted over her face, lowering her wet cunt to rest on Molly's mouth. Renewing his thrusts into her, Hyde ran his hands over Molly's body, enjoying the wanton feel of her skin and the slick wetness of her milk covered breasts.

Hyde watched as Harley rubbed her crotch over Molly's face, cooing for her to return the favor. Molly had never done any such thing before but she hesitantly poked her tongue up, tasting Harley's honey. Harley encouraged the young woman, spreading her slit open wide as her tongue slid along the length of her lips. Harley's actions heightened Molly's lust, the smell of the aroused sex above her driving her to push her face further in. Trying to go delve deeper and deeper, she felt Harley's hands pulling her nipples, spraying spurts of her milk into the air as she was ravaged by the two monsters she was joining.

Molly felt Hyde's penis ramming through her, the pistoning cock driven further into her mind as she heard his deep grunts pulse in time with his thrusts. With every movement, Molly swore he was going to rip her in two, but her feet remained locked behind his back, pulling him in tight against her with each movement. Hyde watched as her body swayed beneath him, her breasts wobbling as he fucked her pussy. Reaching forward with one hand, Hyde grabbed a hold of Harley's tit as she tweaked Molly's nipples. Bending her forward, Hyde wrapped his lips around Harley's nipple, the breast dripping sweat as she leaned her head back and arched her back towards him. Hyde tasted the salty sweet tang of her body, his rough tongue licking the breast from the bottom swell to the erect nipple and back down again.

Harley groaned as Hyde's thrusts fell in time with Molly's licking. In turn Molly screeched into Harley's cunt, Harley mauling her nipples as Hyde assaulted her breasts. Harley could not hold her building orgasm any longer, the glowing warmth from Molly's tongue slowly spreading up her body and down her legs. Curling her toes, Harley pulled Hyde's head to her chest, her tongue hanging out as she gibbered through the multiple orgasms rushing through her body.

Molly's face was covered in Harley's juices, the sap running down her throat, the smell filling her mind. As Hyde's thrusts became shorter and more rapid, she felt the head of his cock swelling as his body slammed into her. At once, Molly felt his bellow rush through her body as he rammed one last time into her, his cum spilling into her cunt and quickly overflowing it. She could feel the hot spunk running down the crack of her ass. She screamed again as she came in a rush, the two people fucking her covered her in their fluids, sealing her fate as one of them.

Harley and Hyde collapsed, their newest creation, or perhaps child, gasping beneath them. Their plan a screaming success, the sun rose as a new free world opened for the two.


At least, that is what the two monsters would have seen and done, had the woman known as Molly wanted to continue living.

The full year of battling a wasting disease pushing her closer and closer to dementia. The fever spread throughout her body had driven the will to live from the Molly's body and soul. Molly's subconscious had several desires, but the most pressing was to be free of the pain she had been experiencing for what she could only remember as her entire life. Life had become nothing more than a constant struggle, but not only against the horrible pain caused by the pox. The crushing emotional pain of loneliness and hunger had destroyed any desire to continue her misery. Only a vague recollection of one of the cardinal sins kept Molly from ending her struggle herself. As the two beings watched, speechless, the maiden's body slowly stopped moving. Her breathing grew shallow, and a calm serenity passed over her face as she passed away moments after being dragged into the alleyway where the two deviants imagined their fantasy would play out.

"Bugger all to hell." Hyde reached down, checking for any sign of life and finding none. "Well, that's an unexpected result. Maybe the bitch just couldn't handle her drink, eh love?" Hyde leered at Harley as he stood up.

"Mr. Hyde, I think you're missing the bigger picture here. She's dead! Now we have no one we can trust to deliver the tonic. She was so young, and she had such an innocent quality about her, a ripeness just waiting to be plucked..." Harley voice was a dead monotone as she turned away, walking slowly. Slumping against a wall, Harley continued to dejectedly move down the alleyway, her face staring into oblivion.

Ignoring Harley's descent into depression and the freshly dead woman, Hyde looked over his shoulder at the cart. Hyde could feel an idea forming in his head.

"Harley dear..." Hyde began walking towards the cart. Stalking forward, the large man reached into his coat and extracted a large beaker filled with the remaining potion his alter ego had crafted. "Harley dear, we're going to find ourselves a whole mess of playmates right quick. We don't need to have the stupid cunt distribute the liquid to those she thinks are worthy. We can let it spread itself faster than trying to pick and choose!"

Harley turned towards Hyde as he poured the potion over the wheelbarrow full of shellfish. Hyde turned back towards the alley where the body lay, grinning his lopsided grin. Harley's eyes widened in sudden glee, a wide toothy grin on her face, her face suddenly alive in anticipation of the coming waves of lovers. "Oh Hyde, that's simply wonderful!" Pressing herself against one of the alley walls, Harley beckoned Hyde forward, hiking up the hem of her dress.

Hyde was already unbuttoning his trousers as he stepped into the small alleyway and pressed Harley against the wall. As he began sucking the smooth pale skin of her neck, she ran her hands down to his cock and positioned it at her cunt's waiting opening. As the now deceased corpse of Molly slumbered, the two lost themselves in a frenzy of what they imagined was to come.

As the two continued to fuck. a trio of street urchins scampered forward, sensing opportunity. Missing the corpse of Molly and they caught sight of the woman they assumed to be the fishmonger. After listening to the sailors, they knew she was probably was earning an early tip as a prostitute. Knowing she was occupied they decided to try and get some quick cash. Grabbing the cart the three pushed it away as quickly as possible, keeping as quiet as they could.


Ignatious was a reserved man. He kept a quiet routine as he went about his daily job of keeping the books for the Smith Company. Every day at noon he would step outside for a constitutional and a good smoke of his pipe. Ignatious loved to taste the warm smoke as it flowed through the pipe. He loved the brief flare of color as he drew in air through the curve of the horn. Most of all, Ignatious loved the strike of his match as he lit the tobacco.

As Ignatious strolled the streets, he saw a group of hooligans pushing a wheelbarrow down the road. The three were hawking their wares as they peddled the last of their shellfish.

"Cockles! Mussels! Fresh from the sea! Hey Mister! Want to buy some shellfish? They're nearly gone, we'll give you a great deal!"

Looking into the cart, Ignatious saw a handful of mussels lying in a small pool of juice.

"Hmmm...they look a bit scrawny boys. What do you say you give them to me for three pence?"

"Hows about 4? I've got a sick brother at home I do."

Brushing his immaculate mustache (one of his few personal luxuries), Ignatious countered "How about three and I don't call the constable to tell him you stole one of the fishwives' barrows?"

Grumbling the boys looked at each other. They nodded to each other as they were planning on ditching the heavy cart and going home anyway. "Sure, you've got a deal."

Pushing the now-empty cart down the street the three quickly split the proceeds from the day and pushed the cart away, tipping it in a nearby gutter.

Ignatious picked the shellfish up, moving down the street to sit on a crate as he further opened the already loose shells of the mussels. Their insides still containing the remains of what he assumed to be sea-water from the bottom of the cart, Ignatious was salivating. Smelling the salty aroma of the meal, he quickly downed the slimy meat. Dumping the paper in the gutter, Ignatious began strolling back towards his employer's building. Pulling out a match, he began to strike the stick, when darkness quickly washed over him.


Stephen was tidying his master's study when the smell of smoke reached his nose. Puzzled, he thought perhaps he had left something on the stove. Approaching the kitchen, Stephen was scarcely aware of his impending doom.

Hearing a short creak followed by a sharp crack, the ceiling above him fell with a roaring crash. The flaming debris from the roof and his master's upper levels snapping his spine as its weight bore him to the floor. Unable to move, his lungs filled with burning air, Stephen's head throbbed. Watching with morbid fascination, Stephen could only wonder at the sight in front of him. A spindly figure leapt from the wreckage, parts of his clothing smoldering from the heat.

"Burn, burn, let it all burn! Make way for a better, more defined tomorrow! It worked hundreds of years ago, and it will work again!" Bending down, the wild-eyed man looked Stephen in the eye. "You sir, are in need of a smoke. Clears the lungs you know!" Puffing, the man took a long draw from his pipe, the ends of his mustache flared. The facial hair was two feet long on either side if an inch and straight as an arrow, seemingly bristling with a life of its own.

Exhaling, he blew the smoke into Stephen's face, the spicy aroma of the burning herbs the last thing Stephen remembered before he lost consciousness. "Well, got to go! A mighty large number of these ramshackle buildings need to be cleared away! Yes yes, a nice open area, perfect for a restructuring of this chaotic mess! So much more effective when you have a blank sheet to work with!" Grabbing the end of a burning board, the man clung onto a fistful of paper and leapt out the window of the Jekyll household, the surrounding blocks burning around him as he continued his purge.


"What the bloody hell are we supposed to do now" Hyde screamed. "If Jekyll's theory was right, once we pass out, it's back to the fucking closet for us! Without the fucking formula, there'll be no more fucking freedom, no more fucking release, no more...".

Hyde's tirade was cut short as Harley cried out, "No more fucking! That prude will lock me away, probably put on a chastity belt! Oh Hyde, what if she joins a convent?"

"FUUCCKKK!!!" The enraged giant lifted the twisted heap of the pot-belly stove over his head, throwing the massive weight several feet and then falling backwards onto the rubble. The man stared into the sky as Harley paced back and forth behind him.

Raising her voice in a quiet, smirking tone, Harley pondered "What if I can convince him to take the potion again? Then you'd be able to bring me back, and we could keep on like that forever, right Hyde darling?"

Sitting up, Hyde looked at Harley, amazed he hadn't thought of that and that SHE had. Frustration raged through him, evidenced by his response. "We could indeed Harley...except for THERE'S NO GODDAMN WAY TO MAKE MORE!! The liquid's gone, there's no formula written so I could even try to make more, and Jekyll's too scared of his own shadow to let me out again!"

Monique put her hand to her cheek. Looking at Hyde, she asked "But what if that cunt asked him to? What if he was forced to make some more of the potion to save her from some dreadful peril?"

Hyde looked at her in amazement. "That might actually work, but bugger if I can see any way to get you and Monique to work with the good Dr., especially at the same time."

Monique smiled "That's the easy part, there's nothing we have to do."

After Monique explained her plan, Hyde grudgingly lay down in a corner of the ruins of Jekyll's home, giving in to exhaustion. After nearly two days of constant action, even his endurance was giving out as sleep washed over him. Shortly thereafter, as Harley watched, his form shriveled leaving behind the form of Dr. Henry Jekyll.


Opening his eyes, Dr. Jekyll was immediately greeted with a blurry vision of Monique bent over him, his head in her lap. Smiling, Hyde blinked his eyes. "Monique, what are you doing here?"

The smoky voice that Henry thought he remembered drifted to him.

"Oh Henry, I'm afraid there's a problem."

Hyde's eyes cleared of their sleep-induced blur. Bending over him was someone very close to Monique's appearance; but Monique had not had the bee-stung lips of this woman, the deep luxurious curls of her hair, or the empty soul-less gaze of the thing standing over him. The creature held a long blade to her chest, the breast bared to the night air.

The woman so close to being Monique continued. "You see, the problem is there is no more of your wonderful elixir, and if you don't make some more, very quickly, I'm going to kill Monique, which is to say my less liberated self, before I get locked away again like poor Mr. Hyde."

Slowly sitting up, Hyde backed away from this woman. THIS was what happened while he...Hyde?...had been asleep? THIS was what his subconscious desires were? To endanger the life of the woman he loved? To burn his family's home? He had scant memories of confronting Frederick about their engagement, but nothing about burning down his home. All of his work was gone, the last remnants of his family's existence in his head. He was no better than the creature he had unleashed.

Jekyll's shoulder's slumped in defeat. At least he could try and save Monique's life.

"I'll need some chemicals..."


Her head bobbing, Harley fought to stay awake as Jekyll poured and boiled, troubled and toiled over the pots and beakers around him. "You'd better hurry up doctor, if I get much more drowsy my knife is going to slip," Harley intoned in a threatening voice.

Jekyll nodded, his eyes moving between the pot and a beaker, watching carefully. "It's almost...done. There." Taking the beaker, he brought the container to his mouth.

"Wait!" Harley's shout stopped him. "Put it on the ground and back away. I know when the potion is supposed to smell like, and I'm not about to let you try and pull a fast one on me. "

Jekyll shrugged and did as she asked, slowly backing away, his hands in the air. Harley approached the container of liquid, the knife still pressed to her bosom. Kneeling down, she reached for the beaker with one hand.

Jekyll's foot lashed out, launching a chunk of wood at Harley's body. Instinctively ducking out of the way, Harley scarcely had time to bring the knife back into position before Jekyll was on top of her. The two grappled with one another, each trying to gain the upper hand. Harley's body was in superior condition to Jekyll's, but she was on the verge of exhaustion as Jekyll's hand grasped her wrist.

Relying on the last trick up her sleeve, Harley thrust her head forward. Capturing Jekyll's mouth, she caught him in a deep kiss that threatened to suck the soul from his body. The woman's tongue twisted against his, her free hand desperately raking Jekyll's back as the two rolled about, each with one hand locked on the knife.

Jekyll drew his head back, looking into the desperate, pleading eyes of the woman's form below him, his hand holding her wrist, keeping the knife at bay.

She looked at him, pleading in her eyes as she cried out in a voice near the edge of hysteria, the fear of the end of her existence evident. "Please, I don't want to be shut out again. I can please you so much better than she can, I'm every man's dream! I'm what she wanted! You know I'm her, plus everything else she ever wanted!"

For an instant, Jekyll considered the ramifications of what would happen if he were to take her up, to allow her and Hyde to go free. This was what he and Monique had subconsciously desired after all. Looking down at the woman's face, Henry's eye caught a glimpse of a ring Stephen wore lying on the floor of his former home. Stephen never took it off. Following the ring, Henry saw the remains of what had to be Stephen's hand. "You're right..." Jekyll pulled his head back, removing part of his weight from her body. Harley smiled, knowing she was going to continue to come out, to be free.

Dr. Jekyll's head slammed forward into the face of the woman below her. He could feel the dull thud of her head hitting the surface below, and her grasp on the knife released. "You're right...but what the human mind desires is not always what is for the good of humanity." Feeling for a pulse, Jekyll was relieved to feel a strong heartbeat. The form beneath his changed, the breasts diminishing, her hair receding, her legs and arms shortening. When it was all over, the body of Monique du Paine lay beneath him, slumbering.

Manic laughter could be heard in the distance, along with terrified screams. Smoke rose over parts of the city as the mid-day sun pushed through the clouds.

"Now we will have to see whether our conscious mind is able to overcome what our subconscious has wrought."